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Introducing Google and Levi's Smart Jacket, Project Jacquard, Launching Very Soon


After smartphone, smartwatch, now its time for a smart jacket. Yes, you heard it right. Google and Levi's are coming with a smart jacket by which you can control your smartphone without need to bring it out. Project Jacquard is a initiative by Google. The project was started to allow conductive yarn to include in cloth so that the cloth can be used as a device interface.
Project Jacquard by Google

The project was first introduced by Google in the Google I/O 2015. And now after 2 years, its going to launch the jacket for public purchase. The jacket will be made by the well known cloth brand Levi's. The jacket will be brand as Levi's Commuter tracker jacket. 

Levi's commuter trucker jacket is made with touch sensitive interface. By swapping a sensitive area on jacket one can send command to phone. Can be answered calls, control music playback, get direction and such usable task without need to bringing out your phone from pocket or anywhere.
Levis commuter tracket jacket

The sensitive area of the jacket is nothing but a conductive yarn. But the actual product will be feel same like a normal yarn that really strong. And to communicate jacket with your cell phone, there will be circuits and connector. But those are very compact in size. The circuit will be of size of a button. There will be bluetooth cuff to pairs with your smartphone.

The Levi's Commuter Tracker Jacket will be available for purchase very soon. The price of the jacket will be around $350.

Note: if you are very much curious about the actual product. How its made, and how they actually made it possible to use conductive yarn. You can read out or see the complete story of the Project Jacquar from here-  Introducing Project Jacquard

We are very much exited and curious to get know more about this smart jacket and eagerly waiting for a hands on. What are you thinking about the Google Jacquar Project and Levi's Commuter Tracking Jacket. Do share your opinions in the comment below. Keep visit Android Officer for more update on this topic.

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