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New Whatsapp Beta Update give revoke messages 5 minutes later and new formatting features


Good news from the team of Whatsapp beta as its released a beta update which bring some major changes. The main changes with this beta update that it will bring ability to revoke messages for 5 minutes after the message has been send. Thats a cool and useful features indeed.
Whatsapp Beta

This new update arrives for the Whatsapp Web 0.2.4077 which just working on the feature of revoke messages for 5 minutes. By default the feature will set to be turned off. If you want the feature then you need to turn it on from the settings.

Other than the above one, there is another update available for the Android version of Whatsapp beta which is v2.17.148. This update brings the formatting features for text. Yes, this update will activate the text formatting option as a pop out menu while typing text in the text field.

After updating the above, the formatting options the users will be able to take advantage are Bold, Italic, Monospace and Strikethrough. If you got a smartphone having Android 7+ updated then you may already noticed the Translate feature. The translate will be in notice if you installed the Google Translate.

All these above features are only for the Whatsapp beta and not for the general whatsapp we are using currently.

Whatsapp is no doubt widely used messaging platform which provide many features for free. We are eagerly waiting for the Whatsapp Beta and enjoy many new features. What are your thoughts about Whatsapp beta and are you exited too using the same. Do share your opinions in the comment below.


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